Rice University Math

Undergraduate Research

The American Mathematical Society maintains a list of summer research programs. In addition, the Department's Research Training Groups provide ongoing research seminars.




Distinction in Research and Creative Works in Mathematics recognizes original written work, of at least 8 double-spaced pages, in research areas represented in the Mathematics Department. Originality may take a number of forms: the proof of a new theorem; computations illustrating a mathematical principle, known or conjectured; or a novel proof or presentation of an existing theorem. The work must be documented in a detailed, precise, and mathematically rigorous form; the exposition must include mathematical proofs, even if the underlying contribution is computational in nature. Work done at an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program at another university is eligible for Distinction.

Students applying for Distinction must submit

  • the written work, authored or co-authored by the student;
  • at least one letter of support, from a Rice faculty member or other research supervisor, attesting to the originality of the student's contribution.

These should be submitted electronically to the Mathematics Department administrator by 5PM Friday on the tenth week of the spring term of the student's senior year. Submissions will be reviewed by the undergraduate committee, which will be solely responsible for deciding which merit Distinction.

Even research projects with significant mathematical content might lie outside the research expertise of the Mathematics Department. Questions about whether a project is suitable for submission should be directed to the chair of the undergraduate committee, well in advance of the deadline.