Rice University Math

Which courses should I take?

Science-Engineering Calculus Sequence:

  • MATH 101 - Single Variable Calculus I (3 hours)
  • MATH 102 - Single Variable Calculus II (3 hours)
  • MATH 211 - ODE's and Linear Algebra (3 hours)
  • MATH 212 - Multivariable Calculus (3 hours)

These four courses should be taken in sequence, although 211 and 212 are relatively interchangeable. Each of these courses is offered every semester.

Honors Calculus Courses:

  • MATH 221 - Honors Calculus III (Fall) (3 hours)
  • MATH 222 - Honors Calculus IV (Spring) (3 hours)

These courses stress theoretical aspects of multivariable calculus, although they also contain a considerable amount of problem solving. The MATH department encourages students to consider these courses if they have a strong math background and are either considering a major in an area with a substantial math component (such as CAAM, STAT, ECON, CS, ECE, PHYS), or just enjoy a challenge and want to go beyond learning to solve problems. Successful completion of 221 and 222 satisfies major requirements for MATH 212, but not for MATH 211. Students may not receive University credit for both 212 and 222, but it is possible to receive credit for both 212 and 221. Moreover, honors students are allowed to take 211 for credit.

Other Calculus Courses (for Distribution):

  • MATH 111 - Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (Fall) (3 hours)
  • MATH 112 - Calculus and Its Applications (Spring) (3 hours)

These courses emphasize problem solving, and do not go as far as 101-102. They are not intended for science or engineering majors, but a student may take 111, 112, and 102 (or 111, 101, and 102).

More Advanced Courses

Students who have already taken some or all of the above courses should visit this page . Speaking to a MATH advisor may be the best way to decide which course to take.