Rice University Math

Colloquium, Rice University Math Department
Most talks are Thursdays at 4:00 in Herman Brown 227

Fall 2016

Date   Speaker   Title   Host
August 25th Anastassia Etropolski (Rice) Sporadic Torsion on Elliptic Curves Milivoje Lukic
September 1st Jennifer Berg (Rice) Integral solutions of polynomial equations and reciprocity laws Milivoje Lukic
September 8th Alexis Vasseur Recent results on the 3D quasi-geostrophic equation Sasha Kiselev
September 15th Emmy Murphy (MIT) Mirror symmetry for affine varieties via geometric topology and Legendrian knot theory Milivoje Lukic, Shelly Harvey
September 22nd Francis Bonahon (USC) Closed curves on surfaces Changhui Tan
September 29th --- ---
October 6th
October 13th Dominique Hulin Harmonic quasiisometric maps Milivoje Lukic
October 14th (Friday!) Yves Benoist Dense subgroups of simple Lie groups Milivoje Lukic
October 20th Burak Erdogan (UIUC) Dispersive estimates for Dirac equation Milivoje Lukic
October 27th William Dunham Euler in Two Acts Anthony Várilly-Alvarado and Milivoje Lukic
November 3rd Julia Hartmann Differential Galois Extensions and Patching Anthony Várilly-Alvarado and Ye Luo
November 10th
November 17th Matt Baker The Secret Life of Graphs Anthony Várilly-Alvarado and Ye Luo
November 24th Thanksgiving
December 1st Gregory Chambers (University of Chicago) Problems in Quantitative Geometry Sasha Kiselev

Spring 2017

Date   Speaker   Title   Host
January 12th
January 19th Anna Mazzucato Optimal mixing and irregular transport by incompressible flows Sasha Kiselev
January 26th Charles Fefferman Sasha Kiselev
February 2nd Fabio Pusateri The Water Waves problem Sasha Kiselev
February 9th Spring Recess
February 16th Maxim Zinchenko Chebyshev Polynomials on Subsets of the Real Line Milivoje Lukic
February 23rd Tim Browning Diophantine equations: use and misuse Anthony Varilly-Alvarado and Jen Berg
March 2nd Simion Filip Dynamics and geometry on surfaces Ronen Mukamel and Anastassia Etropolski
March 9th Erez Lieberman Aiden A 3D Code in the Human Genome Ronen Mukamel and Milivoje Lukic
March 16th Spring Break
March 23rd Charlie Doering (University of Michigan) Applications of optimization and optimal control to some fundamental problems in mathematical fluid dynamics Sasha Kiselev
March 30th Alex Wright Dynamics, geometry, and the moduli space of Riemann surfaces Ronen Mukamel and Anastassia Etropolski
April 6th Kannan Soundararajan Unexpected Biases in the distribution of consecutive primes Arindam Roy
April 13th Natasa Pavlovic From quantum many particle systems to nonlinear dispersive PDE, and back Milivoje Lukic
April 20th Nicolas Addington John Calabrese