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2013 Wolfe Lecture in Mathematics

Dr. Tamar Ziegler

Monday February 11, 2013
4:00pm, Herman Brown 227

Title: Patterns in primes and dynamics on nilmanifolds


Abstract: A classical theorem of Dirichlet establishes the existence of infinitely many primes in arithmetic progressions, so long as there are no local obstructions. In 2006 Green and Tao set up a programme for proving a vast generalization of this theorem. They conjectured a relation between the existence of linear patterns in primes and dynamics on nilmanifolds. In joint work with Green and Tao we completed the final step of this programme.



The Annual Wolfe Lectures are supported through a generous gift from the estate of Raquel A. Wolfe in loving memory of her husband, Dr. Alfred S. Wolfe, and his love for math which he instilled in both his children.


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