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Recent Rice Ph.D.'s in Mathematics

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Year of Ph.D.:

Graduate  Previous degrees
Thesis Title
Positions after graduation

(Note: to help protect privacy, some positions after graduation are not listed.)


Anthony Bosman, BS Stanford University
Shake Slice and Shake Concordant Links

Assistant Professor, Andrews University

Corey Bregman, BA Columbia University
Automorphisms of nonpositively curved cube complexes, right-angled Artin groups, and homology

Post Doc, Brandeis University

Tam Do, BS University of Washington
Global Regularity and Finite-time Blow-up in Model Fluid Equations

Non-Tenure Track Assistant Professor, University of Southern California

Carol Ann Downes, BS Westmont College
A Mass Minimizing Flow for Real-Valued Flat Chains with Applications to Transport Networks

Hendrix college

Junghwan Park, BS Pohang University of Science and Technology (Korea)
Derivatives of genus one and three knots

Post Doc, Max Planck Institute, Bonn


Derek Allums, BS Texas A&M University
Notes on Real Rationally Connected Varieties and Fano Threefolds of Genus 12

Data Scientist, Abdiel Capital, New York

Jorge Acosta, BS University of Texas at Austin
Holonomy Limits of Cyclic Opers

Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Stanford University

Natalie Durgin, BS Harvey Mudd College
Geometric Invariant Theory Quotient of the Hilbert Scheme of Six Points on the Projective Plane

Analytics Developer, Spiceworks

Quentin Funk, BS Trinity University
Two Variants on the Plateau Problem

Database Analyst, Houston Methodist Hospital

Andy Huang, BS University of California, Davis
Handle crushing harmonic maps between surfaces

Post Doc, Sandia National Laboratory

Kenan Ince, BA Austin College
The untwisting number of a knot

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Westminster College

Katherine Vance, BA Columbia University
Tau invariants of spatial graphs

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Simpson College


David Cohen, BS University of Chicago
The large scale geometry of strongly aperiodic subshifts of finite type

NSF Postdoc Research Fellowship, University of Chicago

Jacob Fillman, BS Baylor University
Spectral Analysis of One-Dimensional Operators

Post Doc, Virginia Tech

Nikita Kozin, BS Samara State Aerospace University
Toric fibrations and models of universal torsors

Algorithmic trader, Transmarket Group

Qiongling Li, BS Nankai University
Hitchin components, Riemannian Metric and Asymptotics

Post Doc, Caltech-QGM

Diego Vela, BS University of Michigan
Infection by a String Link

Post Doc, University of Victoria


James Cooper, BS, University of Texas at Austin
Two mod-p Johnson filtrations

Senior Knowledge Engineer at Reasoning Mind

Paul Munger, BA, Rice University
Spectral Regularity in Some Models of Aperiodic Order

Darren Ong, BS, Texas Christian University
Spectral characteristics of aperiodic CMV and Schroedinger operators
Associate Professor of Mathematics, Xiamen University Malaysia Campus

Arunima Ray, BA, State University of New York at Geneseo
Casson towers and filtrations of the smooth knot concordance group
Instructor at Brandeis University

Letao Zhang, BS, Nanjing University
Deformations of Hilbert Schemes of Points on K3 Surfaces and Representation Theory
Simons Instructor at Stony Brook University


Taylor Martin, BS, University of Rochester
Lower order solvabilty of links

Assistant Professor (tenure track), Sam Houston State University

Reagin McNeill, BA, Smith College
A new filtration of the Magnus kernel

Assistant Professor (tenure track), University of Evansville


Colin Carroll, BS, Williams College
Minimizers of the vector-valued coarea formula

Analytics Developer, Spiceworks

Christopher Davis, BS, Westminister College
First Order Invariants and Linear Independence ie the Concordance Group

Zassenhaus Assistant Professor, Ohio State University

Bridget Franklin, BS, University of Kansas
The Effect of Infecting Curves on Knot Concordance

Consultant, Boston Consulting Group

Zheng Gan, BS, University of Science and Technology, China.
Spectral Properties of Limit-Periodic Schröder Operators

Seismic data analyst, CGG Veritas

Evelyn Lamb, BS, University of North Texas
Harmonic Maps and the Indiscrete Components of the Representation Space

Post Doc, University of Utah

Renee Laverdiere, BS, Holy Cross College
Behavior of the Geodesic Length Function on Grafting Rays

Consultant, Boston Consulting Group

Zhiyuan Li, BS, University of Science and Technology, China
Rational Points on K3 Surfaces over Function Field of Complex Curve

Szegö Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Fei Xu, BS, University of Science and Technology, China
On the Smooth Linear Section of the Grassmannian Gr(2,n)

Wells Fargo, Dalles, TX


Janine Dahl, B.A. St. Olaf College
The Spectrum of the Off-diagonal Fibonacci Operator
Faculty, Inver Hills Community College, Inver Grove Heights, MN

Jon Fickenscher, B.S. University of Texas at Dallas
Self-Inverses in Rauzy Classes
Instructor, Princeton University

Thomas McGaffey, B.A. Rice University
Regularity and nearness theorems for families of local Lie groups

Instructor, San Jacinto Junior college

Shuijing Li, B.S. Univ. of Sci & Tech of China
Rational points on del Pezzo surfaces of degree 1 and 2

R&D engineer in the Intelligent Production System Department, Baker-Hughes

Carolyn Otto, B.S. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
The (n)-Solvable Filtration of the Link Concordance Group and Milnor's Invariants

Tenure-track faculty, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Ryan Scott, B.S. (Mathematics) and B.S. (Physics) Oklahoma State University
Minimizing the mass of the codimension two skeleton for unit volume convex polyhedra

VIGRE Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Georgia


Jon Chaika, B.S. University of Iowa
Interval Exchange Transformations: Topological mixing, Hausdorff dimensions for ergodic measures and disjointness
National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago

Andrew Elliott, B.A. Rice University, M.A. UCLA
State Cycles, Quasipositive Modification, and Constructing H-Thick Knots in Khovanov Homology

Applied Research Mathematician, Department of Defense

Helge Krüger, M.S. University of Vienna
Positive Lyapunov Exponent for Ergodic Schrödinger Operators

Simons Foundation Fellow in Theoretical Physics, California Institute of Technology

Karoline Pershell Null, B.S. University of Tennessee, Martin
Some conditions for recognizing a 3-manifold group

Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, Martin


Casey Douglas, B.A. Southwestern University
Perturbed Genus One Scherk Surfaces and their Limits
Tenure track Assistant Professor, St. Mary's College of Maryland

Ryan Dunning, B.S. Texas Christian University, M.A. Rice University
Asymptotics Under Self-Intersection for Minimizers of Self-Avoiding Energies
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX

Heather Hardway, B.S. University of Central Oklahoma
Pattern Formation in Systems of Reaction Diffusion Equations Modeling Genetic Networks
Postdoctoral Fellow, Boston University

Peter Horn, B.A. Hendrix College, M.A. Rice University
Higher-order Analogues of Genus and Slice Genus of Classical Knots

National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University, webpage

Matthew McLelland, B.S. University of Texas at Dallas
Deformation of Symmetric Scherk Type Minimal Surfaces


Landon Jennings B.A. Rice University
Sufficient Conditions for Hamiltonian Paths
Mathematics Division Chair, Northeast Christian Academy, Houston

Jamie Jorgensen B.S. Mathematics Utah State University, B.S. Physics Utah State University
Surface Homeomorphisms that do not Extend to Any Handlebody and the Johnson Filtration
Applied Research Mathematician, Department of Defense

David Ralston B.A. Mathematics Yale University, B.A. Music Yale University
Heaviness: An Extension of a Lemma of Yuval Peres
Postdoctoral Researcher, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel

Matthew Simpson B.A. Haverford College
On Log Canonical Models of the Moduli Space of Stable Pointed Genus Zero Curves
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Jer-Chin (Luke) Chuang B.S. Furman University
Transgressive Chains, Harmonic Cycles, and Subdivisions
Assistant Professor, Georgia College and State University

Amanda Knecht B.S. Texas Christian University
Weak Approximation for Degree Two del Pezzo Surfaces at Places of Bad Reduction
RTG Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Eric Samansky B.S. Haverford College
Convergence of Gibbs Measures and the Behavior of Shrinking Tubular Neighborhoods of Fractals and Algebraic Sets.
Assistant Professor, Nova Southeastern University

Soomin Kim B.S. Korea University
Limits of Minimal Surfaces with Increasing Genus
Visiting Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Fall 2008

Wei Zhu B.S. University of Science and Technology, China
Minimizing and flow problems for multiple-valued functions and maps.
Postdoctoral position at ETH Zurich, webpage
Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame, Fall 2008


James Peterson
Coordinate Scans, Compactness Properties, and Area Minimization.
Assistant Professor, Benedictine College, Kansas

Yue Wu
Applications of Rauzy Induction on the Generic Ergodic Theory of Exchange Transformations. Financial Analyst, TPR Associates, The Woodlands, TX.


Zheng Meng B.S., M.S. Shanghai University
Geometric Variational Problems with Cross-sectional Constraints
Junior Seismic Imaging Geophysicist, Veritas DGC, Houston

Aaron Trout 
Spaces with Positive Combinatorial Curvature
Assistant Professor, Chatham University, Pittsburg, PA

Jun Zhang 
Geometric Compactification of Moduli Space of Cubic Surfaces and Kirwan Blowups
Medical statistician, University of Chicago


Carol Gwosdz-Gee  B.S. University of Dallas
Strong S-equivalence of Ordered Links
Visiting Research Assistant Professor, UC Davis
Assistant Professor, St. Edward's University, Austin, TX

Aaron Heap  B.S. Texas Christian University
Bordism Invariants of the Mapping Class Group
Assistant Professor, SUNY Geneseo

Connie Leidy  B.S. Tulane University
Higher-Order Lingking Forms
Rademacher Instructor, University of Pennsylvania
Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University


Christopher Earles  B.S., M.S. Idaho State University
Partial Umbilics of Hypersurfaces and Repeated Eigenvalue Currents
Assistant Professor, Bethel College

Zheng Huang  B.S., M.S. University of Sci & Tech of China
Harmonic Maps and the Geometry of Teichmuller Space
Assistant Professor CUNY, Staten Island, NY

Robert Huff  B.S. Harding University
Flat Structures, Soap Films, and Capillary Surfaces
Assistant Professor, University of Indiana, South Bend

Tatiana Marinenko  Diploma, Summa Cum Laude, Herzen Russian Pedagogical University
High Distance Splittings of 3-manifolds
Assistant Professor, University of Auckland


Scott Berger   B.S. Princeton University
Edge Length Minimizing Polyhedra
Consultant, Houston, TX

Shelly Harvey  B.S. California Polytechnic State University -- San Luis Obispo
Higher-Order Polynomial Invariants of 3-Manifolds Giving Lower Bounds for the Thurston Norm
Associate Professor, Rice University

Simon Morgan  B.A., NST, Diplom. King's College, Cambridge University
Minimizers in Polyhedral Spaces
Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratories
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Qinglan Xia  B.S. Anhui Normal University, M.S. University of Science and Technology of China
Variational Problems in Intersection Homology Theory and Optimal Transport
Assistant Professor, University of California at Davis


Amy Bellis  B.A. College of Wooster
Using Complexity Bounds to Study Positive Heegaard Diagrams of Genus Two

Gregory Clark  B.S. Brown University, M.S. Texas A&M University
Stable Homotopy Invariance of Teichner's sec Invariant
Instructor, Rice University
National Security Agency

Katherine Crowley  B.A. St. Olaf College
Discrete Morse Theory and the Geometry of Nonpositively Curved Simplicial Complexes
Assistant Professor, St. Olaf College
Assistant Professor, Washington and Lee University

Amy Lampazzi  B.S. University of Missouri, M.S. University of Houston
Divisibility of the Conway Polynomial of Links
Lecturer, University of Houston - Clear Lake

Chun-Chi Lin  B.S., M.S. National Taiwan University
Variational Problems with Multiple-Valued Functions and Mappings
Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute, Leipzig
Associate Professor, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei,


Sanford Ganzell  B.A. Dartmouth College
Complexity of Exotic R4's
Assistant Professor, Pomona College
Assistant Professor, St. Mary's College of Maryland

Yuan Wang  B.S. Peking University
Mathematical Modeling of Seismic Data: Multiscale Noise Removal and Recognition Algorithm
Siebel Systems, Software Engineer


David Handron  B.A., M.S. Dartmouth
Generalized Billiard Paths and Morse Theory for Manifolds with Corners
Instructor, Carnegie Mellon University

D. Paul Phillips B.A. Rice University
Inverse Spectral Problems with Incomplete Knowledge of the Spectrum
Associate Professor, University of Dallas

Lorette Stone  B.A. University of California at Berkeley,
M. A. State University of New York at Stony Brook
Costa Cousins


Nancy Cunningham  B.S. Yale
A Variational Approach to the Local Uniqueness of Immersed Minimal Surfaces in R3
Cambridge Strategic Management Group

Ashley Ledbetter  B.S. Wellesley College
Energy Minimizers, Gradient Flow Solutions, and a Computational Investigation in the Theory of Biharmonic Maps
Principal, MPM Capital

Christopher Hawkins B.S. Boston College
A Minimization of a Curvature Functional on Fiber Bundles
Financial Industry, New York City

Hope McIlwain B.S. Furman University
Can You Hear the Size of Vertices? An Inverse Spectral Problem of Laplacians on Weighted Graphs
Assistant Professor, Mercer University



Igor Prokhorenkov  B.S. Moscow State University
Morse-Bott Functions and the Witten Laplacian
Postdoctoral Fellow, MSRI, Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University

Paul Uhlig B.S. St. Mary's University
Extremal Eigenvalue Problems for Quasidisks and Chord-Arc Domains
Assistant Professor, St. Mary's University


Paul Bellis  B.S., College of Wooster
Realization of Homology Boundary Links

Amir Gerges  B.S. New College
Surgery, bordism, and Equivalence in 3-manifolds
Analyst, Trilogy Corp., Houston

Simrat Ghuman  B.A. San Francisco State University
Invariants of Graphs

Jun Tian  B.S. Peking University
The Mathematical Theory and Applications of Biorthogonal Coiffman Wavelet Systems
Research/Development Engineer, Digimare Corp.

Clayton Ward  B.S. U.Texas, Austin
Fuchsian Groups and Polygonal Billiards
National Security Agency

Changyou Wang  B.S. Peking Normal, M.S. Academy Sinica
Regularity of Minimizing Maps and Flows for Various Functionals and Targets
Professor, University of Kentucky