SIAM Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC October 24, 1995

On October 24, 1995, at its Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC,the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) organized a special program for underrepresented minority students.

The Workshop was called "Graduate Student Focus on Diversity" and was organized by three graduate students from Rice University. The intent of the workshop was to support and encourage minority undergraduates who might be considering graduate school, and first- and second- year minority graduate students.

During the day, there were two sessions of technical talks by minority graduate students. SIAM arranged a luncheon for students, their faculty advisors, the graduate student speakers, distinguished minority mathematicians, and SIAM members. At 8 PM, there was a special evening session called "The Real Deal," moderated by Professor Richard Tapia of Rice University, during which students talked frankly about professional and personal issues relevant to graduate school and scientific careers.

The schedule of events was:

10:00-11:30 Graduate Student Presentations

Moderator: Pamela J. Williams

On the Solution of a Shape Optimization Problem
Anthony J. Kearsley, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth 
Finite Element Approximations to a System of Shallow Water Equations
Monica L. Martinez, Rice University 
Cassandra M. McZeal, Rice University
On the Use of Interior Point Methods for Integer 
Coupling Sea Ice Models to Climate Models Method
Monica Y. Stephens, Brown University 

12:00-1:45 Lunch with Applied Mathematicians

1:45-3:15 Graduate Student Presentations

Moderator: Cassandra M. McZeal

Otis B. Jennings, Georgia Institute of Technology
Approximations for Nonstationary Circuit Switched 
The Use of Interior Point Methods for Solving the Phase 
Problem in Crystallography
Leticia Velazquez, Rice University 
Donald C. Williams, Rice University
Computational Applications of Lagrangian Equations of 
Motion to Spatial Loose-Parts Dynamical Systems 
Pamela J. Williams, Rice University
On Effective Finite Termination Techniques within Interior 
Point Methods for Linear Programming Problems 

2:30-4:00 Mathematical Contest in Modeling-SIAM Award Pres.

4:15-5:15 Special Expository Lecture-If Copernicus Had a Computer Speaker: Charles Van Loan

5:30-6:30 Reception

8:00 The Real Deal: An Informal Graduate Student Session

Moderator: Richard Tapia

This was an occasion for all undergraduate and graduate underrepresented minority students to talk with each other about personal and professional issues pertinent to survival and success in graduate school.

Additional information about SIAM can be found on the web at SIAM's home page.

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