Rice Geometry Laboratory

Rice Geometry Laboratory

Fall 2017 Projects

Title: Music and Geometry
Project Mentor: Arindam Roy
Graduate Mentor: Yikai Chen

Description: People spent hundreds of years to build the western music system based on tonality. The complicated structure and variations fascinate some mathematicians as well as musicians. One can use Fourier analysis to explain and recreate the sound of musical instruments by vibration of strings. But it takes more than making sound to create music. In 2011, Dr. Dmitri Tymoczko published A Geometry of Music, brought the possibility of understanding what was going on in those great composers’ mind mathematically. In this project, we will explore the structure of western music by using mathematical ideas like distance, symmetries, and finally embedding into a specific geometric structure.

Title:Understanding the works by Nash on isometric embeddings
Project Mentor: Siran Li
Graduate Mentor: Xian Dai

Description: In the project let us study the works by the legendary mathematician, J. F. Nash Jr., on the existence of isometric embeddings/immersions of Riemannian manifolds into Euclidean spaces. His work on $C^1$ isometric immersions has later been developed into the $h$-principle by M. Gromov, and in his work on $C^\infty$ isometric immersions, the now-standard technique known as the Nash-Moser (hard) Inverse Function Theorem has been developed..

Photos from Poster Session December 1, 2017


Habeen Chang
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