Rice Geometry Laboratory

Rice Geometry Laboratory

Spring 2017 Projects

Title: Long-time Behavior in Hamiltonian Systems
Project Mentor: Milivoje Lukic
Graduate Mentor: Tom VandenBoom

Description: We examine the long-time behavior of various Hamiltonian systems via numerical simulations. One theme of this project is that many seemingly complicated systems from mathematical physics have symmetries and conserved quantities that make their long-time behavior surprisingly regular.

Title: Music and Sound Programming using Mathematical Patterns
Project Mentor: Ye Luo
Graduate Mentor: TBA

Description: The pitch and timbre of a musical sound can be analysed by its spectrum using Fourier decomposition of its sound-wave function. We aim at creating new musical sounds and effects by Impinging equally if not more aesthetically pleasing patterns in math into the Fourier domain of the sound waves. Our listening experience will be enriched beyond what can be provided by nature, conventional or even modern digital instruments.

Photos from Poster Session April 21, 2017


Students Mentors
Habeen Chang Habeen Chang Milivoje Lukic  Milivoje Lukic
Leah Kanihan  Leah Kanihan Ye Luo  Ye Luo
Ilya Marchenka Ilya Marchenka Thomas VandenBoom  Thomas VandenBoom
Ronen Wdowinski  Ronen Wdowinski