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The Geometry Group: Extending geometry across subdisciplines

A three-prong research experience will be provided for the participants in the Research Training Group.

  1. Geometry Colloquium: A one-hour course for a small group of undergraduate mathematics students overseen by a faculty member or postdoc. The theme will be a fundamental technique from geometry. Each participant will give a 2 hour talk to their peers and faculty member. Pedagogical objectives: to develop independent reading skills; to gain experience presenting complex ideas to an audience; to build technical knowledge outside the areas covered by our standard courses.
  2. Mathematical Lecture Contest: A student competition for presentations on mathematical topics. There will be two cash rewards, one for best mathematical/research content and a second for the best presentation from a pedagogical and organizational point of view.
  3. Senior projects in geometry: 3 seniors will be supported each year and will be expected to work on a single advanced topic culminating in an extended paper. Each supported participant will be expected to give a public presentation of their work.

For the seniors a minimum of 5 hours a week is expected. The stipend is $20.00 per hour.

To apply:
  1. You will need to find a faculty member who agrees to be your mentor. Discuss your topic with him/her in advance.
  2. Submit to mageemd@rice.edu the following information:
    Major and graduation date
    Dates of research
    Research Topic
    Cc your mentor on this email
  3. Acceptance will be confirmed by mentor.