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VIGRE at Rice

Vertical Integration of Research and Education
in the Mathematical Sciences

What is VIGRE?

VIGRE is a program sponsored by the National Science Foundation to carry out innovative educational programs in which research and education are integrated and in which undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty are mutually supportive.

What is a PFUG?

We believe that a system of aggressive Mentoring is crucial to the success of any intensively vertically integrated program. At Rice an Undergrad will have a Graduate student mentor who will in turn have a Postdoctoral mentor who will in turn have a Faculty mentor. Such a team will be referred to as a PFUG, pronounced fugue: a musical composition in which a subject is announced by 1 voice and then developed contrapuntally by each of usually 2 or 3 other voices.

Each of our 3 departments typically constitutes 3 or 4 PFUGs per term. For the full list visit the Active PFUGs links at left. In addition, each year our 3 departments join forces to produce a Grosse PFUG. For details on this year's theme please hit the Grosse PFUG link at right.

How do I get Involved?

Enroll in a research seminar for credit.
Conduct summer research for pay.
Visit the Fall Poster/Info Session from 4:00-6:00pm on Tuesday September 1, speak to an Ambassador, or consult one of the departmental representatives (click on the name for an email link).

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Poster Session Fall 2009 in Brochstein Pavilion

Updated August 7, 2012