Math 322: Introduction to Analysis II (Fourier Analysis)

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Meeting Time: TTh 2:30 PM -- 3:45 PM
Location: Herman Brown Hall 423

Instructor: Dr. Daniel R. Cole
Email: dcole at (the usual)
Phone: x3283
Office: Herman Brown 454
Office Hours: MW 2:30 PM -- 4:00 PM, or by appointment

Teaching Assistant: Zhi Zhang
Email: Zhi.Zhang dot (the usual)
TA Phone: x4598
TA Office: Herman Brown 40
TA Office Hours: by appointment

Stein, Elias M. and Shakarchi, Rami. "Fourier Analysis," Princeton Lectures in Analysis, First Edition. Princeton University Press, 2003. ISBN: 0-691-11384-X.

Your final letter grade will be determined by your total homework score. Attendance and class participation are not a formal part of your final grade, but they may be taken into account in borderline cases.

The homework assignments for this course will be available a week before their due date on the website for this course. Homework is usually due by the beginning of class on Thursdays.

There will be twelve assignments in all, and each assignment will have five or six exercises. Your solutions should be polished and easy to follow, with proofs written in paragraph form using complete sentences. Your goal is to achieve the same sort of clarity in your homework as Stein and Shakarchi demonstrate in their textbook. Homework assignments done in LaTeX are encouraged, but not required.

Each exercise will be graded on the following 0 to 4 scale:
4 = Essentially correct and well written
3 = Some significant errors, or essentially correct but badly written
2 = Major deficiencies in write-up
1 = Handed in with little work shown
0 = No work done on exercise
The sum of your scores on the exercises will be your grade for the homework assignment. You may resubmit any homework assignment two Thursday classes after its original due date for full credit. Please attach your original homework to your resubmitted assignment when you hand it in.

The sum of your homework grades (after resubmission) will be your total homework score for the course.

There is no midterm for this course.

Final Exam:
There is no final exam for this course.

Honor Code:
You are allowed and are encouraged to work together while solving homework problems, but all write-ups must be done independently and in your own words.

Disabilities Statement:
Any student with a documented disability needing academic adjustments or accommodations should speak to me as soon as possible, preferably during the first two weeks of class. I will be happy to help you, and all communications will remain confidential. As a reminder, you will also need to contact Disability Support Services in the Ley Student Center ( If you believe that you have an undocumented disability, you are encouraged to talk to me and Disability Support Services so that you can get help.

Other Accommodations:
If you have any difficulties in meeting deadlines or in taking the midterms at the scheduled times, in particular in the case of illness, death in the family, or extracurricular activities which require you to be away from campus, you are encouraged to speak to me, and I will do my best to accommodate your needs. In the case of conflicts which can be anticipated in advance, it is requested that you notify me a week before the due date of the assignment or the date of the exam.