Email: Tam.DoATriceDOTedu

About Me: I am a sixth year graduate student at Rice University. My expected graduation date is May 2017. Previously, I was a grad student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and did my undergraduate work at the University of Washington, Seattle. My advisor is Prof. Alex Kiselev. Here is my CV.

Research Interests: Currently, I’m studying partial differential equations arising in fluid dynamics. In general, I am interested in the study of non-local PDEs.


Global regularity for the fractional alignment system (w. A. Kiselev, L.Ryzhik, and C. Tan) preprint

Stability of Blow Up for a 1D model of Axisymmetric 3D Euler Equation (w. A. Kiselev and X. Xu) to appear in J. of Nonlinear Science

One-dimensional model equations for hyperbolic fluid flow (w. V. Hoang, M. Radosz, X. Xu) Nonlinear Analysis 140 (2016), p. 1-11

A Discrete Model for Nonlocal Transport Equations with Fractional Dissipation to appear in Comm. in Math. Sciences

On a 1D transport equation with nonlocal velocity and supercritical dissipation, Journal of Differential Equations 256 (2014), pp. 3166-3178