A World of Web Page Resources

A little planning before you begin your web publishing can greatly enhance your pages. A well-designed site can be the difference between a so-so page and an extraordinary one. The better designed a site, the easier it is for visitors to read, navigate, remember, and re-visit. One way to learn the attributes of well-designed, elegant web pages is to evaluate existing pages. Look at the Math Lessons both for use and design.

Getting Started
You can see HTML code by looking at the document source from within your browser. Try editing that page by inserting your own information within the tags in a Simple Text or Notepad text editor. The following resources should be enough to get you well on your way.

HTML and Design Image Sources
The Color Guide

Bimsan's Free Web Graphics

Another color chart


Beginning HTML

Web Sorcery

Advanced HTML

Home of the Horizontal Rule


Badger's Animated Gif Gallery

HTML Station

Animation Factory

Web Publishing Basics

Icon Bazaar

Web Development Shop


Special Character codes

Barry's Clipart

Bells and Whistles

The Clip Art Warehouse

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