Cynthia Lanius

Rice University

Presented at:

Region IV Technology Conference

Houston, TX
September 29, 2000

You don't have to be a whiz at JavaScript or PhotoShop to enhance your web site with bells and whistles that jazz up your site. Free javascripts abound that you can adapt and add to your pages. Many even become educational on their own. (Take a look at the bar graph script, for example.) Also, online image editors let you pop out cool banners in a few seconds. One word of caution: let the rich content of your pages drive them, not the bells and whistles.


Your Turn:
Adobe - This is fun.
Your Turn Again:
Dowload this template. || Open in a text editor. || Follow directions here.

Other Online Image Editors:
Cooltext || The Banner Generator || Creative Connectivity Banner Creator || GIFWorks
Other JavaScript Sites:
JavaScript Tutorials || Doc JavaScript || The Free Site || JavaScript Learning Center || Netbug's || The JavaScript Source

Scripts in different browsers may not necessarily work the same. || Every script that I have is free to you to use. Just be sure to leave the credit statements in the code. || Be very careful with cutting and pasting. Every space and punctuation is important.
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