Building Mathematical Concepts Through Visualization
2000 Siam Annual Meeting
July 11, 2000
Cynthia Lanius

Visualization is a powerful tool in building mathematical concepts in young and old. We will explore several activities from the author's website that use visualization in this way.

Session Activities:

La Tina Caliente

Slope as rate of change makes much more sense than "ratio of rise to run." One way to understand slope as rate of change is to explore a graph of a familiar concept -- and it's fun!
Irracionales Ocultos What's the rule? Students will find line segments that they can and cannot draw of various irrational lengths, and then find the rule that allows them to draw or not draw. The page should be printed and the segments shaded in.
Infinite Series Students will explore several infinite series by drawing geometric models.
Fractals This extensive website on fractal geometry appeals across the range from third-graders to professors with PhD's. Explore a geometric sequence using the area of the Sierpinski triangle.
¡Vamos a Contar ! Share these activities for young children K-2nd grade.
and more...

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