Technology - Bringing it all Together
In the Mathematics Classroom
University of Houston-Downtown
March 5, 1999
Cynthia Lanius

Debates always rage in educational circles. Should we go back-to-basics or employ child-centered learning? Should we use calculators, or do all calculations by hand? Do we teach rote learning or critical thinking?

Is it really an either/or situation? Is it really all or nothing? Do we always have to swing from one extreme to another?

Technology can be a valuable tool in mathematics classrooms, but it is not the end-all, do-all in mathematics, and it should not replace all other effective tools, manipulatives, for example. Technology should be integrated as another tool that teachers use. Deciding which tool is most effective in different situations is a part of the art of teaching. Central to the issue, is that it's the learning of mathematics that should drive the instruction, and not the technology or other tools.

The web can provide a rich source of this type of mathematical activity. All of the activities in this session can be found on the web at All are student-centered activities that integrate creativity, technology, and manipulatives to develop important mathematical concepts.


Session Activities:

Right Hand or Left

Pattern Block Fractions


Million $ Mission

Calendar Fun


Power Cards
? ? ?
Rectangle Patterns

Golden Ratio Volume Experiment School-Bus Geometry

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