Cynthia Lanius

            A Mathematics Fantasy -

            The Million $ Mission -

          Exploration Questions

          1. How long would it take to make $10 million dollars if your pay was tripling every day instead of doubling? What would be the formula you could use to get this answer? (Hint: How would you adjust the formula found on this page?)

          2. Imagine the pay isn't doubled, but it's 1 and 1/2 times each previous day's pay (1.5 times). Or maybe it's 1 and 1/3 times (1.333... times). Now here's the question. At what rate should you say, no, I'll take the million. In other words, at what rate would the 30 days Total Pay be less than $1 million?

          3. Try to convince your parents to give you an allowance with the "Doubling Pennies" plan.

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