Eric Samansky's Home Page

Graduate Student
Rice University
Department of Mathematics-MS 136
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77005

Herman Brown Hall, office 447
samans at rice dot edu


B.S. Mathematics, Haverford College, 2002


This picture is from when I was on the cross-country & track team in college, if you must know.

Job Materials

CV: (pdf)

Teaching Statement: (pdf)

Research Statement: (pdf)


Math 101, Calculus I, Fall 2005. Syllabus: (pdf)

I have also taught Math 102 (Calculus II) in Summer 2005 and

Math 212 (Multivariable Calculus) in Summer 2006.

Research and Papers

(1) My current research area is Geometric Measure Theory.

Here is a paper submitted to the Real Analysis Journal that explains what I am currently doing

"Convergence of Gibbs Measures Associated with Simulated Annealing: The Case of Distance Squared" (pdf)

(It should appear in the Real Analysis Journal in the winter edition).


(2) Here is a paper I wrote in college about Zaslavsky's Theorem, involving Arrangements of Hyperplanes.

"Zaslavsky's Theorem" (pdf)

Seminars I am currently involved in:

Measure Theory Seminar

Forms and Currents Seminar

Bob Hardt's Measure Theory Seminar

Vigre 699 Seminar: Sub-Riemannian Geometry

Vigre Seminar: Level Sets

Real and Complex Analysis Research Seminar

Current Mathematics Seminar

Geometry and Analysis Seminar

Rice University Mathematics Department Colloquium

Running PRs

1500 meters: 4:41

One Mile: 5:01

3000 meters: 10:10

5000 meters: 17:42

8000 meters (Division III cross-country): 29:23

10000 meters: 38:32

Marathon: 3:22:56