Undergraduate Colloquium

Talks are Tuesdays at 4:00pm in Keck 100 for Spring Semester

Fall 2021

Date Speaker Title
Sep 20th Chelsea Walton (Rice University) Hamilton's Quaternions
Oct 18th Will Worden (Rice University) From Knots to Hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Nov 1st Mark Helman, Dhilan Lahoti, Daniel Qiu (Rice University Undergraduates) What I Did Last Summer
Nov 22nd Sarah Frei (Rice University) Diophantine equations and Hasse principle

Spring 2022

Date Speaker Title
March 22nd Jason Joseph (Rice University) From knots to knotted surfaces: isotopy and concordance
April 5th Fumiko Futamura (Southwestern University) Curios invariants in projective geometry, and where to find them in art and music

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