Math 499 - Fall 2017

Jen BergAnastassia Etropolski
Friday, 12:00 - 12:50
HBH 453
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Topology of the 3-adics


Week Due date Assignment
Week 1 9/8 Read this introduction on computing expansions of p-adic numbers (ignore the Maple stuff). Play around with some p-adic expansions before Friday.
Week 2 9/15 Exercises (P-adic expansions + Hensel's Lemma)
Week 3 9/22 No assignment.
Weeks 4-5 10/6 Reading and Exercises on Local Obstructions. There is no class on 9/29. Be prepared to discuss the assignment on 10/6 and present (informally) your progress.
Weeks 6 10/13 Look at the example here and think about the exercise discussed. Next week we will have you start working out things on your own, so it's important that you understand the techniques and theorems we have discussed so far.