Departmental Activity

Seminars. I'm active in several seminars at Rice. These include Topology Seminar, `Computationar' -- which is a Heegaard Floer seminar devoted to practical computational techniques, and the RTG Working Topology Seminar, which I've organized for the past couple years.

Committees. I served on the Colloquium Committee in (2013-2014), and I a member of the organizing committee for an upcoming conference in honor of our colleague Tim Cochran. Together, David Krcatovich and I are also organizing an AMS Special Session in Chicago this October.

Undergraduate research. I'm heavily involved in undergraduate research at Rice. More info about that on my teaching page.


Association for Women in Math. I am the faculty sponsor of our local AWM chapter, which is organized and ran by a small group of dedicated grad students. The Rice AWM chapter has lots of activities, for example the ``Girls Exploring Math and Science" (GEMS) day for girl scouts at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. In 2013 & 2014 I also co-organized or spoke in the Sonia Kovalevsky Day with the University of Texas chapter of the AWM.

Outreach & REU talks. In July of this year, I gave a lecture and lead some activities at the Sam Houston State University REU. A few years back, I also gave a public lecture on group theory at the Austin Convention Center.

Math Circles. My very favorite outreach activity is from my grad school days, when I was the 2011-2012 coordinator of the Saturday Morning Math Group, which is the University of Texas's version of a math circle for middle and high schoolers. It's a major program, with many speakers annually and activities like the AMC/AIME exams -- it was a lot of work, and tons of fun.