Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

8-24Tye Lidman (IAS)Positive-definite symplectic four-manifolds
9-9Katherine Vance (Rice)Tau invariants for balanced spatial graphs and applications to link cobordisms
9-14Allison Miller (UT Austin)Distinguishing mutant pretzel knots in concordance
9-18Allison Moore (Rice)Cosmetic surgery in L-spaces and nugatory crossings
9-21Corey Bregman (Rice)Automorphisms of cube complexes and the Torelli subgroup of a right-angled Artin group
9-28Kenan Ince (Rice)The untwisting number of a knot
10-5David Krcatovich (Rice)Algebraic cobordisms and distances between knots
10-12Midterm Recess at Rice
10-19Jesse Wolfson (University of Chicago)Counting Problems and Homological Stability
11-2Kyle Larson (UT Austin)Surgery on tori in the 4-sphere
11-9Andew Donald (Michigan State University)A slicing obstruction from the 10/8 theorem
11-23*Peter Feller (Boston College)Singularities of algebraic curves and cobordisms between knots
11-30*Camille Horbez (University of Utah)
2-1Kevin Kordek (Texas A& M)The level 4 hyperelliptic mapping class group
2-29Spring Break - no talks
3-7Stefan Friedl (Universit├Ąt Regensburg)Slicing knots
3-14Christine Lee (UT Austin)The slope conjectures for pretzel knots
3-21Tye Lidman (IAS)Seiberg-Witten theory and covering spaces
3-28Aru Ray (Brandeis)Linear independence of satellite knots
4-4Marco Golla (Uppsala University)Dehn surgery and rational homology balls
4-11Sander Kupers (Stanford)Diffeomorphisms of disks
4-18Nick Salter (University of Chicago)Cup products in surface bundles, with applications to the cohomology of the mapping class group and to enumeration of fiberings
4-26Josh Greene (Boston College)Coloring the curve complex

Meeting time and place: Mondays from 4pm - 5pm in Herman Brown 427 (*Meeting will be at noon.)