Math 211 Schedule

For each week there will be a link to a page with a reading assignment and a homework assignment.

This schedule is tentative. It will get more accurate as the semester progresses. No week's topics should be taken as final until the homework is linked. Solutions to the homework assignments will be posted after the due date for each assignment.

The following abbreviations will be used:
Book Ordinary Differential Equations (second edition) by Polking, Boggess & Arnold
Manual Ordinary Differential Equations using MATLAB (third edition) by Arnold & Polking

Week #1: August 28--September 1 
Assignment #1
Solutions #1
Introduction to ODEs
Plotting in MATLAB
ODEs and their solutions
Solutions to separable equations
Week #2: September 4--8  
Assignment #2
Solutions #2 (Textbook)
(changes: each pb=10 points; pb 1/2.3 t=612244 s; pb 4/2.3 is ok if "a" is used instead of "a-g")
Solutions #2 (Manual)
Solutions to separable equations
Models of motion
Linear equations
Week #3: September 11--15  
Assignment #3
Solutions #3
Linear Equations
Mixing problems
Existence and Uniqueness
Week #4: September 18--22   Uniqueness; Dependence on initial conditions
Autonomous equations and stability
Week #5: September 25--29  
Assignment #4
Solutions #4
Numerical methods - Euler's method
You can download dfield, pplane, odesolve, eul, rk2, rk4
Week #6: October 2--6  
Assignment #5
Solutions #5
Runge-Kutta methods; ODE45
Vectors and matrices
Week #7: October 9--13   Solving systems of linear equations
Properties of solution spaces
Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous systems; nullspace
Week #8 : October 16--20  
Assignment #6
Solutions #6
Subspaces (base, span, linear dependence and independence)
Week #9: October 23--October 27  
Assignment #7
Solutions #7
Introduction to systems
Geometric interpretation of solutions (pplane); Qualitative analysis
Linear systems of ODEs; Solutions to systems
You can download pplane
Week #10: October 30---November 3  
Assignment #8
Solutions #8
Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and solutions of systems
Planar systems of ODEs; Phase plane portraits
Week #11: November 6---November 10   The exponential of a matrix
Higher order dimensional systems
Week #12: November 13---17  
Assignment #9
Solutions #9
Higher order linear equations
Examples (planar systems and high linear equations)
Week #13: November 20--24  
Inhomogeneous systems and equations (Variation of parameters and Undetermined coefficients)
Week #14: November 27--December 1  
Assignment #9 continued
Solutions #9 continued
2nd order equations; Vibrating springs (handout)
Forced harmonic oscillators, forcing and resonance (handout)
The linearization of nonlinear systems
Week #15: December 4--8   Invariant sets and the use of nullclines
Long term behavior of planar systems

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