Fall 2006

Math 211
Ordinary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

(Section 2)

Instructor: Adela Comanici
Time: TR 9:25-10:40 am
Location: 210 Herzstein Hall
Office: 440 Herman Brown Halll
Office Hours: T, Th 1:30-3 pm (or by appointment)
Office Phone: 713-348-3282
E-mail: anc1@rice.edu

Course Description: This course focuses on ordinary differential equations and some of their many applications. We will take a multifaceted approach, including both analytic and numerical solution methods, as well as qualitative methods which enable us to discover properties of solutions without actually having a formula. Matrix algebra will be a useful tool, and we will cover the parts of that subject which will be necessary for our use. The program MATLAB will be used throughout, both as a computational tool and as a remarkable aid to visualization.

Textbook: Ordinary Differential Equations (second edition) by John C. Polking, Albert Boggess, and David Arnold.

Lab Manual: Ordinary Differential Equations using MATLAB (third edition) by David Arnold and John C. Polking.

Examinations: There will be two midterm exams given during the semester (10/05 , 11/14). Each exam will be a 75 minute, pledged, closed-books exam. The final exam is a three hour self-scheduled exam.

Grades: The final grade for the course will be determined by your performance on the homework assignments, one project, two midterm exams, and the final exam according to the following algorithm:

25% Homework Assignments
30% Midterm exams
20% Project
25% Final exam

Homework: Homework assignments are due to my office each Thursday by 3:00pm (you can also hand them in during class). The lowest homework grade will be dropped before computing the average. The homework is not pledged. However, you are not supposed to look at eventual solutions available online from previous years. You are encouraged to discuss the homework and to work together on the problems, but each student is responsible for the final preparation of his or her own homework papers. Each student will be allowed to have at most one late homework assignment during the semester. The one late homework will be accepted up to seven days after the due date, with or without excuse and without penalty. No other late homework will be accepted. Homework will be graded for correctness, clarity and justification. For a problem to receive full credit, you must show complete work, explain your work as necessary, and present your work in a clean and clear format that is easily understood.

Projects:The projects in Math 211 are problems that are more extensive than those you see in ordinary exercises. The solution of the final project usually will require most, if not all, of the themes of the course. In completing your project you are allowed to work together. However, when it comes time to write the project report, this is an individual task. Each student is to prepare his/her own report.

Accommodations:Any student with a documented disability needing academic adjustments or accommodations is requested to speak with me during the first two weeks of class. All discussions will remain confidential. Students with disabilities should also contact Disability Support Services in the Ley Student Center.

Web Page: A Web page for the class will be maintained here

Have a nice semester!