Rice University
Math 111
Fall, 1998

Dr. Anne Papakonstantinou

"What science can there be more noble, more excellent, more useful for men, more admirably high and demonstrative, than this of the mathematics?" -- Benjamin Franklin

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Class Hours:Mon., Wed., Fri. 9:00-9:50 a.m., W212 George R.Brown
Office: Butcher Hall 150
Office Phone:713-527-6076 or 713-527-4085
Office Hours:Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 8:15a.m.-9:00a.m. in W212 George Brown or by appointment in Butcher Hall 150
Questions and answers:Mon., Wed., Fri.8:15-9:00 a.m. in room W212 of George R. Brown (west end entrance)
Home Phone:713-664-2733
Grader:Irina Romanovskaya
Text:Calculus: a New Horizon, 6th Edition (brief edition), 1999, Howard Anton

Homework: Homework will be assigned each class and collected at the beginning of the next class except for exam days. Please staple your homework and write your name on each page. To receive credit for your homework, you must turn it in on time. To go to the current homework assignments, click here.

Pledge Policy: You are responsible for completing the assigned homework on your own, but you may receive assistance from friends, me, etc. to learn the material. Please try the problems on your own first; then seek assistance; and finally write the homework assignments yourself.

Exams: There will be three in-class exams (Monday, October 5; Wednesday, November 4; Wednesday, December 2) and a final exam (December 12). Please let me know this week if you have a conflict with any of the three in-class scheduled exams.

Grades: The final grade for the course will be determined by your performance on the homework, the three hour exams, and the final exam according to the following:
Exam I:20%
Exam II:20%
Exam III:20%
Final Exam:20%

Course Syllabus

August 31 Concept of Function
September 2 Special Functions
September 4 Special Functions
September 9 & 11 Rational Functions
September 14 Combining Functions
September 16 Trigonometric Functions
September 18 Limit of a Function
September 21 Limit Computations
September 23 Infinite Limits; Vertical Asymptotes;One-sided Limits
September 25 Limits at Infinity; Horizontal Asymptotes
September 28 Continuity
September 30 Limits and Continuity of Trigonometric Functions
October 2Review
October 5 Exam I
October 7 Derivative of a Function
October 9 Differentiation Formulas
October 12 Differentiation Formulas
October 14 Differentiation and Continuity
October 16 The Chain Rule
October 21 Differentiation of Trigonometric Functions
October 23 Implicit Differentiation
October 26 Related Rates
October 28 Related Rates
October 30 L'Hopital's Rule
November 2 Review
November 4 Exam II
November 6 Graphing Functions: The First Derivative Test for Maxima and Minima
November 9 Graphing Functions: The Second Derivative Test for Maxima and Minima
November 11 Graphing Functiong: Concativity
November 13 Graphing Functions: Analysis
November 16 Absolute Maxima and Minima
November 18 Maxima and Minima Applications
November 20 Maxima and Minima Applications
November 23 Motion
November 25 Motion
November 30 Review
December 2 Exam III
December 4 Rolle's Theorem
December 7 Mean Value Theorem
December 9 Review for the Final Exam
December 12 Final Exam (9:00a.m.-noon)

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