Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar: Spring 2013

Tuesdays at 4:00PM in Herman Brown Hall Room 227

Organized by Brian Lehmann, Anthony Várilly-Alvarado, and Brendan Hassett

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
January 7th Daniel Erman Michigan Equations, syzygies, and vector bundles
January 8th Xuanyu Pan Columbia Geometry of moduli space of rational curves on complete intersections
January 15th Yu-Jong Tzeng Harvard Enumerative Geometry: from Classical to Modern
January 29th Brendan Hassett Rice Projective and birational geometry of Bridgeland moduli spaces, after Bayer and Macri
February 5th Anthony Várilly-Alvarado Rice On the unirationality of del Pezzo surfaces of degree 2
February 12th Brendan Hassett Rice Examples of stability and wall crossings for Hilbert schemes, after Bayer and Macri
February 19th Anna Kazanova U. Mass Amherst Degenerations of Godeaux surfaces and exceptional vector bundles
March 5th Nicolas Addington Duke Hodge theory and dervied categories of cubic fourfolds
March 19th Melody Chan Harvard Combinatorics of the tropical moduli space of curves and Outer space
March 20th John Calabrese Oxford Donaldson-Thomas invariants and birational transformations
March 26th Tomer Schlank MIT Etale Homotopy and Diophantine Equations
April 2nd Morgan Brown Michigan The McKay correspondence via tilting
April 5th-7th Texas Algebraic Geometry Seminar Austin
April 9th Evgeny Mayanskiy Penn State An asymptotic Mukai model of M_6
April 10th Zhiyuan Li Stanford Picard groups on Moduli space of K3 surfaces
April 23rd Zhiyu Tian Cal Tech Weak approximation for cubic hypersurfaces