Chao Li

PhD in Mathematics
at Rice University.


I am studying Partial Differential Equations arising in fluid dynamics.

Talks and Presentations

Invited talk, Global regularity and fast small scales formation for Euler patch equation in a disk , Conference: Reflections on Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, University of Virgina, May 12-13, 2017.

Presentation, Euler Vortex Patch: an example to understand solving PDE in fluid mechanics, Current Mathematics Seminar, Rice University, March, 2017.

Presentation, From Lp functions to distribution theory, Current Mathematics Seminar, March, 2016.

Presentation, Introduction to interpolation theory and applications, Current Mathematics Seminar, April, 2015.

Publications and Lecture Notes

C. Li, Global regularity for Euler vortex patch in general bounded smooth domain. In preparation.

C. Li, Global regularity and fast small scale formation for Euler patch equation in a disk. Submitted to Nonlinearity, arXiv:1703.09674.

A. Kiselev, M. Chernobay, O.Lazar, and C.Li, Small scale creation in inviscid fluids, Lecture Notes of Summer School in Levico Terme, Italy, 2015, 23 pages.