Fall 2006 MWF 2

Professor Tim Cochran



This class will be offered at the same time (MWF 2-3) as Math 355 (Linear Algebra) and will treat roughly similar material (systems of linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, linear transformations, eigenvalues, canonical forms, bilinear and quadratic forms….), but with more emphasis on the theory of vector spaces and less on concrete matrix calculations. In addition, much more will be expected of the student in terms of writing rigorous mathematical arguments. On the other hand, the course will include some specific instruction and practice in writing mathematical proofs. This course will be appropriate for persons considering a major or double major in the mathematical sciences  (especially if they do not plan to take Math 221-222) and others with an interest in a theoretical view of linear algebra and in learning how to write rigorous mathematical arguments.  It is recommended that the student have already taken at least one 200-level math class or be concurrently enrolled in such a class.  A student can receive credit for only one of Math 354 and Math 355. For more information, ask a Math advisor or email