Math 102, Section 1: Single Variable Calculus II

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Course Description:
Continuation of MATH 101. Includes further techniques of integration, as well as infinite sequences and series, tests for convergence, power series, radius of convergence, polar coordinates, parametric equations, and arc length.

Meeting Time: MWF 9:00 AM -- 9:50 AM
Location: Keck Hall 100

Instructor: Dr. Daniel R. Cole
Email: dcole at rice dot edu
Office: Herman Brown 454
Office Hours: MWTh 2:30 PM -- 3:30 PM, or by appointment

Help Sessions: WTh 7:00 PM -- 9:00 PM, Herman Brown 427
Teaching Assistants: Bridget Franklin, Zheng Gan, Helge Krüger, Ryan Scott

Edwards, C. Henry and Penney, David E.. "Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals," Sixth Edition. Prentice Hall, 2002. ISBN: 0-13-041407-7.

In assigning final letter grades, your work will be weighed in the following manner:
30% Homework
20% First Midterm (Wed 26 Sep)
20% Second Midterm (Wed 14 Nov)
30% Final Exam
Attendance and class participation are not a formal part of your final grade, but they may be taken into account in borderline cases.

The homework assignments for this course will be available a week before their due date on the website for this course. Homework is due by the beginning of class. Please staple or otherwise fasten your homework together before you get to class!

There will be fourteen assignments in all, and each assignment will have twelve problems. Each problem will be graded 0 (little or no work), 0.5 (significant amount of work, but substantially incorrect or incomplete), or 1 (essentially complete and correct). For a problem to be complete, you need to show all important steps in your work. It is also to your benefit to write legibly and to clearly indicate your final answer.

The sum of your scores on the problems will be your grade for the homework assignment, and the sum of your top thirteen homework grades will be your homework score for the course (i.e., your lowest homework grade will be dropped).

Homework is the most important part of any calculus class. It is your primary source of study material for the exams. The best way to study for a calculus exam is to complete your homework as it is assigned and then practice similar problems before the exam. Give your homework the time and effort that it deserves!

The midterms for this section will be in class. The first midterm is on Wednesday, September 26 and will cover Chapter 7. The second midterm is on Wednesday, November 14 and will cover Chapter 10. Both exams are closed book. See the honor code statement for more details.

Final Exam:
The final exam will be closed book and cumulative. Its time and location are yet to be determined.

From Prof. Michael Wolf, chair of the mathematics department: "It is the policy of the mathematics department that no final may be given early to accommodate student travel plans. We will not know when the final in this course will be scheduled for some time. Therefore, if you should make plans to travel before the end of final exam period, and it turns out that the final for this course is after your scheduled departure date, you will have to choose between keeping your plans and receiving a zero for the final, or incurring the costs for changing your plans and taking the final at its scheduled time. Thanks for your understanding."

Honor Code:
Homework: You are allowed and are encouraged to give and receive aid while solving homework problems, but all write-ups must be done independently and in your own words.

Exams: The midterms and final in this class will be closed-book. No aid may be given or received during the exam. Calculators will not be necessary and will not be allowed unless otherwise stated by the instructor.

Disabilities Statement:
Any student with a documented disability needing academic adjustments or accommodations should speak to me as soon as possible, preferably during the first two weeks of class. I will be happy to help you, and all communications will remain confidential. As a reminder, you will also need to contact Disability Support Services in the Ley Student Center ( If you believe that you have an undocumented disability, you are encouraged to talk to me and Disability Support Services so that you can get help.

Other Accommodations:
If you have any difficulties in meeting deadlines or in taking the midterms at the scheduled times, in particular in the case of illness, death in the family, or extracurricular activities which require you to be away from campus, you are encouraged to speak to me, and I will do my best to accommodate your needs. In the case of conflicts which can be anticipated in advance, it is requested that you notify me a week before the due date of the assignment or the date of the exam.