The use of large fonts and windows

Some people need to change the size of fonts and the size of windows for display purposes. An attempt has been made to make this as easy as possible. Before starting DFIELD5 or PPLANE5, issue the command
>> set(0,'defaultaxesfontsize',fs)
where fs is the numerical value of the font size wanted in the font used in the axes. Then when DFIELD5 or PPLANE5 is started, fonts and figures are scaled to this choice of font size. The choice of fs = 12 is the default and will result in no change. A larger choice will result in bigger fonts and figures, and a smaller choice in smaller fonts and figures.

In all honesty, this feature is not too useful unless the user has a very large screen. Otherwise the display figures are already almost as big as they can be.

Of course, all figures are resizable, so the user can size the figures in this standard way as well.

John C. Polking <>
Last modified: Fri Jan 28 14:54:17 CST 2000