Titles in DFIELD5 and PPLANE5

The differential equations in PPLANE5 are now displayed in the title of the Display Window like they always have been in DFIELD5. In both cases the equations have been partially parsed and the asterisks have been removed in order to maake theequations easier to read.

In addition TeX symbols can be used when entering the equations into the Setup Window, resulting in nicely formatted equations in the titles and the axes labels. An example of this is provided by the pendulum system, which is one of the choices in the Gallery menu in PPLANE5. With this choice, and with a new value for the damping constant, the Setup Window looks like:

This example shows how to enter Greek letters using the TeX notation. The result is shown in the Display Window:

Other TeX commands can be entered in the Setup Window in the same way.

John C. Polking <polking@rice.edu>
Last modified: Fri Jan 28 14:55:09 CST 2000