Contact Information

444 Herman Brown Hall
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Department of Mathematics            
Rice University MS 136
6100 S. Main St.
Houston, TX 77005, USA 

Publications and Preprints

On cobordisms between knots, braid index and the Upsilon-invariant, with P. Feller, Math. Ann., to appear (preprint)
A restriction on the Alexander polynomials of L-space knots, Pac. J. Math., to appear (preprint)
The reduced knot Floer complex, Topol. Appl. , 2015 (preprint)
Resolution depth of positive braids, with E. Kaplan and P. O'Brien, J. Knot Theory Ramifications , 2015 (preprint)

The reduced knot Floer complex (Dissertation)

Computer programs

CFK infinity of (1,1) knots
Upsilon of L-space knots

Rice topology seminar

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017