Fall 2016

Date Speaker Topic
8-29 Shelly Harvey (Rice) The cut number of homology handlebodies
9-5 none Labor day
9-12 Roberta Guadagni (UT Austin)
Lagrangian fibrations for topological mirror symmetry
9-19 Ian Zemke (UCLA)
Link cobordisms and functoriality in link Floer homology
9-26 Duncan McCoy (UT Austin) Surgery and tangle replacement in alternating diagrams
10-3 Anthony Bosman (Rice)
Shake concordant links
10-10 none
Midterm recess
10-17 none
4-manifolds and concordance conference in Bonn
10-24 none
4-manifolds and concordance conference in Bonn
10-31 Neil Fullarton (Rice) Top-dimensional cohomology in the mapping class group
11-7 James Conway (UC Berkeley) From overtwisted to tight via transverse surgery on knots

11-21 Alex Zupan (U Nebraska)
Generalized Property R and trisections of the 4-sphere
11-28 Kristen Hendricks (MSU) Involutive Heegaard Floer homology
Yuri Dabaghian (Baylor College of Medicine) Topological approach to modeling spatial cognition

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Topic

1-16 none MLK day

1-30 Caitlin Leverson (Georgia Tech)
Invariants of Legendrian links
2-6 JungHwan Park (Rice)
Links with non-trivial Alexander polynomial

2-20 Daniel Studenmund (Utah)
Cohomology of the lamplighter gruop
2-27 Diana Hubbard (Michigan)
An annular refinement of the transverse element in Khovanov homology
3-6 Carolyn Abbott (UWM)
Universal acylindrical actions
3-8 *Wednesday* Tye Lidman (NC State)
Concordance in homology spheres
3-13 none Spring break
3-20 Patrick Orson (UQAM)
Concordance in 3-manifolds and satellites
3-27 Lisa Piccirillo (UT Austin)
Knot traces and concordance
4-3 Shea Vela-Vick (LSU)
Transverse knots and combinatorial knot Floer homology

Aru Ray (Brandeis) TBA
4-21 *Friday*
Funda Gultepe (UIUC) TBA

Meeting time and place: Mondays from 4pm - 5pm in Herman Brown 427