Evan BullockEvan Merrill Bullock

VIGRE-Lovett Instructor from Fall 2009 to Spring 2012

Department of Mathematics -- MS 136
Rice University
6100 S. Main St.
Houston TX 77005-1892

The page for Rice's Algebraic Geometry Seminar is maintained by Brendan Hassett.

TAGS 2011 was held at Rice.


Irreducibility and stable rationality of the loci of Weierstrass points on curves of genus at most six, 2011. PDF
Strong coprimality and strong irreducibility of Alexander polynomials (with C. Davis), 2011. PDF
Subcanonical points on algebraic curves, Ph.D. thesis, 2009. PDF

Older paper


Lecture notes for a one-credit VIGRE introduction to plane curve singularities and Groebner bases.  (LaTeX source)

Spring 2012:
Math 366: Geometry
Math 499: p-adic Numbers
Math 590: Current Mathematics Seminar

Teaching in past semesters

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