Geometric Algebra in Computer Graphics


ABSTRACT: My topic is over the use of geometric algebra in computer
graphics. My main source is Geometric Algebra and its Application to
Computer Graphics
, a tutorial paper by D. Hildenbrand, D. Fontijne,

C. Perwass and L. Dorst. The paper goes over basics of Conformal
Geometric Algebra, some explanation on Geometric Algebra and relevant
uses, especially with respect to computer graphics for animation and
motion. It also includes specifics on programming that I will
obviously not include in my presentation. I hope to include as much
of the Conformal Geometric Algebra as I can, but it depends on timing
for the presentation. For certain I will include applications and
uses for computer graphics, explaining any necessary new material
along the way. I will be using other sources to help me understand
and decipher the information in the paper.