Birational Geometry Seminar, Spring 2007

WF at 2:00-2:50  in Common Room

Related Texts: Introduction to the Mori Program, Matsuki;  Birational Geometry of Algebraic Varieties, Kollar/Mori;  Complex Algebraic Surfaces, Beauville. 

Emphasis is on the birational geometry of surfaces.

Participants: Amanda Knecht, Shuijing Li, Matt Simpson, Fei Xu.




January 19

Fei Xu


January 24,26, Feb. 2

Shuijing Li

Birationality of Curves

February 7,14,16

Matt Simpson

Rational maps on Surfaces

February 21,23

Amanda Knecht

Classification of Rational Surfaces

February 38

Matt Simpson

Basic higher dimensional generalizations

March 2

NY Conference


March 7,9

Spring Break


March 14,16,21

Fei Xu

Classification of surfaces with k=0.

March 23,28,30

Shuijing Li

 K3 surfaces and related topics

April 4

Matt Simpson

 Some topic

April 6

School holiday


April 11 and maybe 13.

Matt Simpson

 Some topic cont.

Week of the 16th and 23rd.

Varied, nonstandard days and times.

 Talks for rational curve course