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Hi! I'm Jon and this is a picture of me at the grand canyon.
I am a graduate student in Math working with Michael Boshernitzan.
My research statment
My papers on the arxiv


Hausdorff dimensions for ergodic measures of IETs
Schrödinger operators defined by interval exchange transformations (with D. Damanik and H. Krüger)
A non minimal sequence in [0,1]^2 that "looks" minimal
The densest sequence in the unit circle (with M. Boshernitzan)
Towers of Powers (with M. Boshernitzan)
There exists a topologically mixing IET
Every transformation is disjoint from almost every IET
Borel-Cantelli sequences (with M. Boshernitzan)
Shrinking Targets for IETs: Extending a theorem of Kurzweil
On the frequency of balanced times in cylinder flows (with D. Ralston)
Some diophantine properties of IETs and general systems: Quantitative proximality and connectivity (with M. Boshernitzan)
Hausdorff dimensions for ergodic measures of IETs II (in preparation)


Calculus 1
Hardy Fields
Differential Equations
Calculus III

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