Colloquium, Rice University Math Department
Most talks are Thursdays at 4:00 in Herman Brown 227

Spring 2009

January 8 Reserved TBA
January 15 Alan Reid (U. Texas) LERF, the Lubotzky-Sarnak Conjecture and the topology of hyperbolic 3-manifolds.
January 22 Elizabeth Dan-Cohen Maximal toral subalgebras of root-reductive Lie algebras
January 29 no seminar
February 5 Lewis Bowen (University of Hawaii) Entropy in measurable dynamics
February 12 Bill Meeks (U. Mass) The classical theory of minimal and constant mean curvature surface theory with an emphasis on the uniqueness of examples found by Euler, Delaunay, Scherk  and Riemann.
Porter Lectures
February 16 - February 20
Dr. Yuval Peres of the Microsoft Theory Group
and adjunct affiliations with the University of
California, Berkeley and the University of Washington
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February 26 Beatrice Riviere (CAAM, Rice) Weak solutions and numerical approximations of coupled Navier-Stokes and Darcy equations
March 5 No seminar (midterm recess)
March 12 Lior Fishman (Brandeis) Schmidt's game, badly approximable vectors and fractals
March 19 Masato Tsujii (University of Kyushu) Semi-classical zeta functions for geodesic flows on negatively curved manifolds
Wolfe Lecture
March 26
Ian Agol (UC Berkeley) See The virtual fibering conjecture and related questions
or Wolfe Lecture
April 2 No seminar (spring recess)
Bochner Lecture series
April 6-April 10
Neshan Wickramasekera (University of Cambridge) See math calendar
April 16

Fall 2008

August 28 no seminar
September 4 Amie Wilkinson (Northwestern U.) From uniform to partial hyperbolocity
Monday, September 8
Special Joint Math/CAAM seminar
Fritz Gesztesy (University of Missouri) Variations on a Theme of Jost and Pais
September 11 no seminar due to joint math/camm seminar on Sept. 8th
September 18 Michael Blank (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) Ergodic properties of exclusion type discrete time processes in continuum
September 25 Jayadev Athreya Logarithm laws, diophantine approximation, and the geometry of numbers.
October 2 William Johnson (Texas A&M) Nine twenty+ year old problems in the geometry of Banach spaces.
October 9 Mirela Ciperiani (Columbia University) Genus one curves over the rationals
October 16 no seminar
Monday, October 20, 4-5 PM
Ken Kennedy Institute series
McMurtry Auditorium Duncan Hall
Ian Foster (Professor of Computer Science Argonne
National Laboratory & University of Chicago)
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October 23 Alina Marian (UIC) Intersections on moduli spaces of bundles and Grassmannian TQFTs.
October 30 Rupert Frank (Princeton) Hardy-Lieb-Thirring inequalities for eigenvalues of Schrödinger operators
November 6 Hossein Namazi (University of Texas) 3-manifolds, hyperbolic geometry and models
November 13 Marta Asaeda (UC Riverside) An unexpected application of algebraic number theory to operator algebras
November 20 Gordana Matic (University of Georgia) Contact structures and sutured Floer homology
November 27 No seminar, Thanksgiving
December 4 Izabella Laba (University of British Columbia) Arithmetic progressions in sets of fractional dimension

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