Colloquium: Fall 2007 & Spring 2008

Colloquium, Rice University Math Department
Thursdays at 4:00 in Herman Brown 227

Spring 2008

January 10 Chris Leininger (UIUC & MSRI) Cannon--Thurston maps and the curve complex.
January 17
January 24 Nessim Sibony (Université de Paris-Sud, Orsay, France) On Dynamics of Holomorphic foliations in CP2.
January 31 Illya V. Hicks (Rice) Degree Based Generalizations of Cliques and Stable Sets
February 7 William Rundell (Texas A&M University) The recovery of boundaries and boundary conditions in elliptic partial differential equations.
February 14 Darryl McCullough (University of Oklahoma) Heegaard splittings of knot complements
February 25 - February 29
Bochner Lectures
Davesh Maulik (Columbia University/Clay Mathematics Institute) Gromov-Witten theory and Noether-Lefschetz theory for K3 surfaces
March 6 no seminar midterm recess
March 13 Manfred Einsiedler (Ohio State University) Spectral gap and effective equidistribution
March 20 Boris Solomyak (University of Washington) On the Thurston-Kenyon program of characterizing expansions for nonperiodic self-affine tilings
March 27 David J. Saltman (CCR Princeton) Division Algebras over Surfaces
April 3 no seminar spring recess
April 10 Christopher Hacon (University of Utah) Finite generation of canonical rings
April 17 Andras Stipsicz (Rényi Institute of Mathematics & Columbia) Contact structures, Legendrian knots and Heegaard Floer homology
Special Day
Tuesday, April 22
Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (University of Tokyo) Topological quantum field theory and operator algebras

*=temporarily scheduled

Fall 2007

August 30 Samuel Lelievre (Warwick Mathematics Institute) Square-tiled surfaces
September 6 no seminar
September 13 Joe Warren Boundary Value Interpolation on Closed Polygons and Closed Polyhedral Meshes
September 21
Parimala (Emory University) Isotropy of quadratic forms over function fields of p-adic curves.
September 27 Toufic Suidan Random Matrix Central Limit Theorems for Non-Intersecting Walks and Related Models
October 4
Wolfe Lecture
Ioannis Karatzas (Columbia University) Volatility stabilization, diversity and arbitrage in stochastic finance
October 11 Joel Kamnitzer (Berkeley and AIM) The geometric Satake correspondence and the Mirkovic-Vilonen cycles
October 18 Robert V. Kohn (Courant Institute, NYU) Parabolic PDE's and deterministic games
October 25-November 1
Porter Lectures
Yakov Sinai (Princeton) Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
November 2
Yu.S. Ilyashenko (Independent Univ. of Moscow and Cornell) Non-attracting attractors
November 8 no seminar
November 15 Dylan Thurston (Barnard College, Columbia University) Combinatorial link Floer homology
November 22 No seminar, Thanksgiving
November 29, 4:00PM Vadim Kaloshin (Maryland) Hausdorff dimension of oscillatory motions for the 3-body problem
Special Double Feature
November 29, 5:30PM
Hubert Ludwig (Ball State University) Mathematics in Contemporary Culture: The Comic Strips
December 6 Kent Orr (Indiana University) Quivers, quivers everywhere.

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