Cynthia Lanius

Rent-a-Car Teachers' Notes

Standards Documentation: This activity, written to align with the Algebra Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) uses a real-world situation to illustrate linear functions. It also supports the guidelines in the National Coucil of Teachers of Mathematics Principles and Standards of School Mathematics Algebra Standard.

Grade Levels: 6-9 (Pre-Algebra or Algebra)

Activity Procedures:

  1. Students can work individually or in groups (preferred).
  2. Have students read problem situation, make table and graphs, analyze the graphs, write functions and paragraphs. The questions in the "Analyze the Graph" section are designed to promote discussion. As you do this activity, if other questions arise, if you send them to me, I'll add them to the exercise.
  3. For additional practice, have students do extensions. (One could be a homework assignment.)

Mathematics Topics: Graphs, tables, functions, and systems of linear equations

Connecting Mathematics: Connects algebra to real-world experiences.

Materials and media: Internet connection to activity or print-out of activity, graph paper

Suggested Assessment: Analyze student created tables, graphs, functions, and explanations.

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