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Canga Rue Middle School conducted a survey of all its students to determine some of their interests. The graph below illustrates the results of one of the questions. From the information provided, answer the following questions:

1. How many students are at Canga Rue?
2. What fraction prefer either pizza or hamburgers? Is that less than or more than 2/3 of the students?


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Your Turn

Using Netscape, you can change the values in the table above the graph and then click the reload button to see a new graph. But in Internet Explorer, it probably won't work and you will need to enter into a spreadsheet.

Use the following information to adjust the values on the graph above to make a similar graph for Canga Rue's students' favorite pastime.

Twice as many students chose "playing computer games" as chose "talking in a chat room". Twenty seven less students liked "watching TV" than liked "playing computer games". One hundred eighty eight students either liked "playing computer games" or "listening to music". 1/7 of the total students chose "talking in a chat room". Six less students liked "talking on the phone" than "listening to music". The remaining students liked "reading".

Your teacher may have you print out this page when you have finished to turn in for grading.


Design Your Own

Design and administer a survey of something that interests you. Input the collected data here and make a bar graph.


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