Sierpinski 2002 Champs!

Vladimir Litt's, seventh grade pre-algebra class from Pacoima Middle School Pacoima, California created the most amazing Sierpinski Triangle. Read their story.
I was looking on the net for something cool to do with my students when I came acrossyour web page. I wanted to find something I could easily do with mystudents that they would be able to understand.

I saw your step-by-stepdirections on building a Serpinski Triangle. So I copied the trianglepaper from your site and showed my students and had them start to drawthe pattern. While they were working, I had them shade in to the 6thgeneration/iteration and decided that I wanted to build a largefractal.

Starting in January, I made it a mandatory out-of-classassignment that each student must make a 6th generation triangle eachmonth with the idea that we would build a 10th generation SierpinskiTriangle.

After collecting nearly 300 6th generation triangles, Irealized we had enough to build an 11th generation triangle. One dayout of each month, we took time to build each generation and as we werebuilding them larger, we took a couple of days. We finally put thefinishing touches on the triangle, but had to move both outside and intothe Social Hall, in order to have enough space to work.

It is approximately 600 squarefeet in size with an overall length and height of about 35 feet and 35feet.

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