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Sierpinski TriangleThe Sierpinski Triangle


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         Real first iteration
         Encoding the fractal
         World's Largest
    Koch Snowflake
         Using Java
         Infinite perimeter
         Finite area
            Using Java

  Fractal Properties
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    Formation by iteration

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Let's make a famous fractal called the Sierpinski Triangle.

*You may print and use this triangular gridpaper.

Step One

Draw an equilateral triangle with sides of 2 triangle lengths each.
Connect the midpoints of each side.


How many equilateral triangles do you now have?

Cut out the triangle in the center.

Step One

Step Two

Draw another equilateral triangle with sides of 4 triangle lengths each. Connect the midpoints of the sides and cut out the triangle in the center as before.

Step Two

Notice the three small triangles that also need to be cut out in each of the three triangles on each corner - three more holes.

Step Three

Draw an equilateral triangle with sides of 8 triangle lengths each. Follow the same procedure as before, making sure to follow the cutting pattern.

Step Three
Step Four

For this one, you'll need a larger paper, or cut smaller triangles. Follow the above pattern and complete the fourth stage of the Sierpinski Triangle. Use your artistic creativity and shade the triangles in interesting color patterns. Does your figure look like this one? Then you are correct!

Step Four

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