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Sierpinski Triangle The Sierpinski Triangle

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The Sierpinski Triangle is an interesting geometric pattern formed by connecting the midpoints of the sides of a triangle. When you do this, you create 4 other triangles. You then "delete" the middle bottom triangle, leaving three smaller triangles whose sides could then be connected, and so on, and so on. In your imagination, you could repeat this infinitely many times. Try the Java demonstration below.

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Table of Contents

  Why study fractals?
    What's so hot about
    fractals, anyway?

  Making fractals
    Sierpinski Triangle
         Using Java
         Math questions
         Sierpinski Meets Pascal
    Jurassic Park Fractal
         Using JAVA
         It grows complex
         Real first iteration
         Encoding the fractal
         World's Largest
    Koch Snowflake
         Using Java
         Infinite perimeter
         Finite area
            Using Java

  Fractal Properties
    Fractional dimension
    Formation by iteration

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