Cynthia Lanius

Who Wants Pizza? - Part 2

We found that if all the children share the pizza, they would receive 1/7 of the pizza. But that was when we cut the pizza into seven pieces and each child got one.

What if we cut the pizza so that each child would get two pieces? What fraction of the whole pizza would each child receive then?

Let's Explore
Look at the blue box again.


Remember that we divided it into 4 equal parts.
This time, let's divide it into 16 (4 X 4) equal parts.

Last time, we colored one of the parts red.


This time, let's color four of the parts red.


  Now let's write the fractions.


= 4

= red part

total number of parts

Something for You to Do

Directions: In the figures below, how many parts would you have to color red to give you 1/2 of the box? Click on the correct answer.


1. (a. 3) (b. 2) (c. 5) (d. 7) (e. 4)



2. (a. 3) (b. 2) (c. 5) (d. 7) (e. 4)



3. (a. 3) (b. 2) (c. 5) (d. 7) (e. 4)



4. (a. 3) (b. 2) (c. 5) (d. 7) (e. 4)



5. (a. 3) (b. 2) (c. 5) (d. 7) (e. 4)



How Did You Do? Click on "Get Score" below.


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Correct answers:

If they cut the pizza into 14 pieces, and 7 children share it equally, how many pieces will each child get? What fraction of the pizza will each child get?



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