Cynthia Lanius

            A Mathematics Fantasy -

            The Million $ Mission -

          Teachers' Notes'

          • There are two versions of this lesson - a one-page version that has the calculations worked out, and a multi-page version that is especially appropriate for printing if you'd like blank tables for students to fill in with their own calculations.

          • Grade Levels: 4-9

          • Lesson Procedures: Students will study exponential growth. The lesson is designed for students to work independently, or in groups with guidance from the teacher.

          • Mathematics Topics: Patterns, integers, multiplication, exponents, graphing

          • Materials and media: A computer with Internet access and graphics capabilities, a calculator, and a printout of the pages (optional).

          • Suggested Assessment: Questions are included with the lesson. You can also have the students write their own problem that would demonstrate exponential growth.

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