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Hello my name is Leonard Thomas. I am a mathematics teacher at Milby High School in Houston, Texas. I am also chairman of the mathematics department, which consists of thirty math teachers. During the 1995-96 school year, I taught honors precalculus and advanced placement calculus. My additional activities include the school's budget committee, the curriculum committee, the technology committee, and sponsor of the math honor society (Mu Alpha Theta). Also, I am an adjunct professor at University of Houston Downtown where I teach algebra and applied calculus.


B.A. Mathematics, M.S. Mathematics Master Thesis: Equivalent Forms Of The Completeness Axiom For An Ordered Field. I am a participant in the Park City Mathematics Institute (Rice University Site). This institute, sponsored by The Institute For Advanced Study, was held in Park City, Utah during the summer of 1995, and Princeton, NJ during the summer of 1996.


Outstanding Educator Award from The National Organization of Black Chemists & Chemical Engineers (1996); Math/Science Excellence in Teaching by the Exxon Corporation (1993); Nominee for Outstanding Teacher Educator in Precalculus/Calculus sponsored by Houston area Alliance of Black School Educators (1992); Teacher of The Year Program for Innovative Use of Computers In the Classroom by IBM & Classroom Computer Learning (1990); Selected as 1 of 60 out of 1006 Math/Computer Teachers nationally and 1 of 3 out of 93 teachers in Texas to study computer science and algorithmic mathematics at the Institute for Computing and Algorithmic Mathematics sponsored by The Department of Computer Science and the College of Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara (1987-88).

Professional Organizations:

The Mathematical Association of America, National Classroom Teachers of Mathematics, American Federation of Teachers, and The Houston Council of Teachers of Mathematics.