Math 211 Projects

General Instructions for Projects.

The projects in Math 211 are problems that are more extensive than those you see in ordinary exercises. The solution of the problem usually will require most, if not all, of the themes of the course: You will be expected to prepare your project report with the same care as you do a paper in any course in the humanities. Working in conjunction with the Cain Communications Project, we have developed a set of guidelines for writing technical reports.

In completing your project you are allowed to work together. In fact it is encouraged. However, when it comes time to write the project report, this is an individual task. Everyone is to prepare their own report.

Projects for Fall 2005

Project #1: Spruce Budworm (Bifurcation Analysis)

The project description is here (ignore the due date). This parallels Project 3.5 on pages 132-134 in the second edition of the Polking text, or pages 158-161 in the first edition, but please use the linked file. You may use either MATLAB or MAPLE for the requisite plots. As you suspect, this was also assigned last year. Please refrain from re-cycling someone else's former writeup.
Project Grading Form
Due Date: 11AM on Friday, October 7th

Project #2: Love Affairs (Qualitative Analysis on Phase Space)

Relationships (especially romantic ones) are often on the minds of college students. To counterbalance the gravity of the first project, we look at an aumusing application of qualitative analysis to such contexts:
(1) Read Strogatz 5.3 (p138-140) and answer questions 5.3# 1-6.
(2) Consider two relationships from literature, history, or pop culture. For each describe their initial relationship as a planar system. Does the prediction match the outcome? Speculate on the reasons for agreement or disagreement. Please be sure to include enough background on the characters involved since likely I will be unfamiliar with most references to contemporary culture. Personal experiences are permissible, but not encouraged.
(3) What about love triangles? Repeat (2) with such an example. (Optional)
(4) Integrate (1)-(3) in a clear, witty paper.
Note that this is not a research paper or a technical report. Think of it as an amusing exercise. Your style and organization should reflect this.
Due Date: 11AM on Friday, December 2nd