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Michael Wolf
Dept. of Mathematics MS-136
Rice University
P. O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251

Office: Room 404, Herman Brown Hall
Tel. (713) 348-6293
Math. Dept. (713) 348-4829
Fax. (713) 348-5231


Milton B. Porter Professor in Mathematics.
B.S.(1981) Yale University; Ph.D.(1986) Stanford University.

Research Interests


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The genus one helicoid (image by Matthias Weber) attracted some attention for minimal surface theory in the lay press:
Science News and American Scientist both published accounts.

The (wonderful) Simons Foundation produced a short video profile of me.

Some Pictures of Surfaces

My collaborator, Matthias Weber, maintains an interesting
gallery of minimal and other surfaces on his home page.

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