Rice University Mathematics Leadership Institute

Rice University Houston Independent School District Aldine Independent School District National Science Foundation

MLI Leadership Team

The MLI Leadership Team Includes:

John Polking, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, Rice University, Professor of Mathematics, RUSMP Steering Committee, former Director of the Institute for Advanced Study/Park City Mathematics Institute

Anne Papakonstantinou, Ed.D., Co-PI, MLI Director, RUSMP Director, and Clinical Assistant Professor, Wiess School of Natural Sciences

Richard Parr, MLI Program Manager, RUSMP, RUSMP Associate Director for Curricular and Instructional Programs

Richard Tapia, Ph.D., Co-PI, Rice University, University Professor and Maxfield-Oshman Chair in Engineering, Associate Director of Graduate Studies, Director, Center for Excellence and Equity in Education

Sara Ptomey, Co-PI, Aldine Independent School District, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Carlos Barron, Aldine Independent School District, Program Director of Secondary Math

Monica Kendall, Houston Independent School District, Secondary Mathematics Specialist

Ann McCoy, Ph.D., Co-PI, MLI External Evaluator; Evaluation and Data Management Services, Inc., President